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Learn English with music! Post requests and lyrics to your favorite English songs.
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你肯定你想刪除這個討論主題Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics) 嗎?
NName63更新2/12/2015 8:14:28
Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)


FAssis305更新2/12/2015 15:23:32
RE: Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)
I absolutely love Adele. This song is so beautiful.
wyutaoc更新23/12/2015 6:39:27
RE: Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)
This song really touch my heart.
Rraja45更新23/12/2015 11:44:02
RE: RE: Adele - Someone Like You (Lyrics)

This song is also heart touching must listen:-      Medreseja - Assalamu'alaika Ya Rasulallah (Youtube)