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A corner of the web where you can chat about current dating trends, share your most romantic experiences and rant about your relationship woes.
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你肯定你想刪除這個討論主題say hello!嗎?
hhuxuekec更新7/3/2016 9:19:57
say hello!

 Hi,everyone,this is jeremy,a nercomer here.I want to make some friends to improve English ability together,we could exchange of anytime and anywhere.I am just graduated from college in less than a year,and work in shenzhen china now,i love movie and sport. so,do you want be my friend that we can talk anything .add me a friend or le***e me a message,maybe we can be a parter and good friend in real.

ylic2254更新28/3/2016 10:34:18
RE: say hello!
Hi, I am Fiona. I am a student in EF, too. So gald to meet you. I hope I can improve my English,too.